Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Picking Prickly Pears and Birthydays

This week and last week we have been picking pears for the Bishop's Storehouse. I must admit, the first time I heard that I would have to spend 12 hours of my time picking pears I was NOT thrilled. However, we went (Hubs, the In-Laws, and I) to the orchards and had ourselves a good old time doing service! 


It was also Jordan's birthday this week! My parents and I decided to spoil him and get him a BRAND SPANKING NEW ACOUSTIC ELECTRIC GUITAR! Not only is it new, but it is a high quality brand! I also bought him some new shirts that are from American Apparel (those are his favorite). We found them for about $13 cheaper than they normally are so I wanted to get them for him, and of course I had to get a few shirts for me as well. ;) P.S. the shirt he is wearing the top left (tree picking) and the ones at the bottom (birthday) are some of his birthday shirts. Also I spent a whole hour wrapping his present and making that bow and card. Jordan didn't want to unwrap it cause I had spent so long on it!


"Fried" chicken, Red Robing fries, ambrosia, tomatoes and crummy beans!
My birthday prince.... doesn't like to have his picture taken while waiting to eat delicious dinner !

P.P.S. We are headed back to school in one week! WOO! I can't wait to start working on getting our first apartment all organized and decorated!