Friday, August 30, 2013

Summer Life

      WELL. It has been forever and a half since I last blogged and much has happened. We have been to D.C. (February), went through spring semester (with mostly A's), and spent time with both of our lovely families.

      We started out our 7 week break from school by traveling to Ohio. There we spent time with my family and we went to South Carolina to enjoy the BEAUTIFUL and warm ocean. My Hubby and Brother both tried to surf and instead ended up boogie boarding and getting sand all up in their pants, it was quite entertaining!  I spent half my week on the beach because I was sea sick (and also burdened with early morning sickness). After a week at the beach we returned to Ohio where I did nothing for a week. We then flew to Utah to spend time with the Husband's family where I continued to do nothing (due to constant nausea). It was great fun to see everyone and the beautiful things that my Father-in-law created for my Sister-in-law's new home! I only wish I got to do more with everyone I just felt yucky the whole time! BOO.

      A few days after everyone left my sister-in-law's house, we also left and returned to our tiny apartment in Idaho. Where I continue to do nothing because I still have nausea. BUT a glorious thing happened today and I got some much needed relief from the nausea, though I am still kinda sick, I got to spend a lot more time out of my bed. HALLELUJAH. School starts up on the 16th of September and I am hoping I will be able to be done with morning sickness.

     OH and as of today I am 10 weeks and 2 days into my pregnancy (it still seems surreal!).
     ALSO, I made brownies.

     Here are some random pics from the past few months, including one of my 7.5 week ultrasound!

A few from D.C.

Me in D.C. being FAR too excited about all the Transformers stuff! (A scene was filmed at the Air and Space museum we visited and they had memorabilia from the scene) 

 Good timing picture at the museum of natural history (dad and brother being stared down by the T-rex)

Hubby at the Lincoln Memorial (honestly my most favorite site to have seen. I almost started crying. Abe looks so majestic on his chair).

Mama with her friend's precious baby, we had a delicious brunch (in Ohio)

Jordan and I.... This is in South Carolina at one of my family's fave restaurant at Murrel's Inlet, Flo's Place.

This is My hermano on the phone and also hubby making le derp face we were on the SkyWheel... pretty much a ferris wheel where the carts pretty much only have a floor and some sort of Plastic-y glass-y stuff. IT WAS TERRIFYING FOR ME. 

Here is my ultrasound!!!!! My baby was one inch at 7.5 weeks. (it's the white blob in the black one)

Shopping and we found some CARAZY pantalones.

Here are 2 more South Carolina pics one of my brother and one with my parents and myself. PLEASE forgive my outfit. We had just been traveling for 10 hours. I DID NOT LOOK GOOD.


More to come and more on baby as we get to know more about him or her!