Friday, August 14, 2015

Phone Pictures and Videos Volume II

First, a couple good videos.

Jonas taking a tumble.

In Utah again visiting family. Here we are playing at Blackridge Reservoir.

Jonas at the park

Jonas at the doctor's office

Jonas when he was sicky

Jonas pondering the meaning of life

Jonas reading a guitar magazine

Jonas exploring his nostrils

Don't touch my keys bro!

At the Bean Museum trying to pet the Liger.

Getting ready to pounce on Ivy

Yum beans.

Reading a book to cousin Carson

More from Blackridge Reservoir

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Phone Pictures and Videos

It's been far too long since the last blog post, so this is what you people get as an update from us, just pictures and some good videos of Jonas. Enjoy.

This is how Jonas sleeps, with a blanket or some other such object near or usually completely covering his face.

Reading with Aunt Jamie at a visit to Kelsey's house a few months ago.

Sleeping in Isaac's crib

Making faces after lunch.

Reading with Mama

Behold the Jonas Nest!

Swimming in St. Anthony

Yay mud!

Rocks are more fun that water

Luckily I didn't get leeches like daddy

Throwing mud in the water

Hanging out with daddy

Rocks are my favorite

These ones are so smooth! Mama was glad that they were too big for me to swallow


It was outside the man door at Kelsey's house

Delicious finger puppet

Jonas dancing to some Lion King music while Jordan was at work.

Here's another item from our visit to Kelsey's house at the same as Jamie. Having lunch at Cafe Rio.