Friday, July 6, 2012

The Beginning

Well, here we go... me trying to blog. This may not work but I am going to try to have fun with it. 

I must say that I am LOVING being married! I feel if I go into much detail I will make many of you sick to the point of throwing up rainbows and fairies. Nevertheless Jordan is great and sometimes kind of a stinker. But then again so am I (Mwahahaha). We are discovering things about each other and learning to work together and live together and it is quite an adventure! I can hardly believe that its only been three weeks, it already feels like its been a long time! 


We are currently residing in Oregon until school starts! I must say I LOVE this place! Its a huge improvement over the dusty, dry, sweltering, polluted, Utah. Oregon is lush and green, humid and fresh. I have seen so many trees, and its wonderful to see how lovely they are! 

Day to day life is pretty normal. Jordan works for his brother-in-law at the SEO company. He sometimes gets distracted... I have no idea how ;) I don't have a job, however I did clean a house for my father-in-law's work and that took up about 10 hours of my time. Jordan's family is all in town right now and it has been a bundle of fun. Its nice having some tiny little active subjects for my figure drawing. I get lots of pose practice. Jordan's parents have been very kind in letting us stay here and its really chill. I can certainly dig it. 

That's pretty much it! We shall see if I actually post again anytime soon! 


  1. You, darling, are so cute! I can't wait to here more about your life!

    Also, brinkerbots?


    (And I love you!)

    miss you miss you,

    1. *hear

      (blugh typos)

    2. Haha I am so glad you like the name! I wasn't quite sure about it and I was like.... Whatever I am going for it :) I miss you too!!!

  2. I LOVE your blog title! It is so you. HA HA HA It sounds like life is fulfilling right now. I miss you lots and love you tons!!!!

    1. Thanks! It is so fulfilling! I love it! I love and miss you too!!!!!