Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015

This year I decided I wanted to make Jonas's costume, so I did. Im glad I started early since it took me about a month to finish it. I finished it a few weeks before Halloween so I took on more unnecessary work and made a hat for myself using the hood part of Jonas's costume, so we matched and it was cute :) Jordan isn't much into Halloween so I didn't really force him to do much of anything, he wore his plaid and said he was a lumberjack. Good enough for me, some day he may want to do a costume... :D We went to the stake dinner/ trunk or treat/ halloween carnival. Not only was there not NEARLY enough food for everyone who attended, but they served only soup and rolls. I think whoever planned this event doesn't have children because toddlers and soup dont really mix. Jonas did have a few bites before he decided he'd rather scamper about the church. We only played two carnival games, one of which I made and planned with the help of another person in my ward. The highlight of the night was the trunk or treat Jonas liked grabbing candy out of people's buckets, and I think he secretly likes being admired and being told he is cute, which he got a lot of since he was the only fox child there. Sadly I didn't really get any pics of the party except for one, but I did get some before we left and also a bonus pic of my baby belly at 17 weeks... I was approximately this big at over 20 weeks last time.... my body is quite good at remembering what its like to be pregnant :D

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