Sunday, February 9, 2014

Life events

I am the WORST at remembering to update this, so major update starting....NOW!

So here's what's up,

I am sure most of you know that we are having a baby boy!

I am currently 33 weeks and 4 days pregnant. Baby and I are doing really well. At 28 weeks I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, luckily I can control it with diet and exercise. I am pretty proud of myself since it takes a lot of discipline. But I would rather sacrifice the amount of carb infested foods I would like to eat, than sacrifice the health of my baby. Another lucky thing is that I can eat chocolate and cookies and stuff, just in small amounts (like one a day if I don't exercise or 2 a day if I do).

At 36 weeks we will go in for another ultrasound to see how big baby is and to make sure he doesn't have fluid and stuff in his little sweet lungs. If he is getting too big (which is unlikely since I have been sticking to MY diet) then the Dr may induce me early. Hopefully he will just be normal and healthy and be able to come whenever he likes.

As for non baby related things, I am off track this semester and have been really bored and sleepy. I try to keep myself busy with chores, sewing, drawing and cooking. Usually I am satisfied with the things I have accomplished in a day. I wish there were more places I could get baby supplies because the options here are few and small. That would for sure keep me busy. But alas, I live in Rexburg so there is nothing here. Lame.

Jordan on the other hand is pretty good at keeping busy.  He has a job on campus, carpet cleaning in the Hinkley Building every evening during the week and sometimes setting up for church in the same building on Saturday. And thanks to a friend in our ward, Jordan has a temp job for 2 weeks teaching people how to use Windows 8 on tablets. Pretty cool! I think he will enjoy that a lot, he just loves technology!

My brother is leaving on his mission this week and that is crazy to me! I am excited for him, but I am still flabbergasted that this day has come! When did my little hermanito grow up? I know that he will do great in Anaheim and I can't wait to write to him! Hopefully my parents will be able to adjust to him being gone pretty well.

Speaking of parents, I have great ones. We have had some stressful times and they are always there to help us, especially when it comes to baby boy. They are really REALLY excited for him to come (I think my brother and I timed our big life events well, Dillon leaves and a few weeks to a month or so later baby boy comes), hopefully he will be enough of a distraction to keep mama and daddy from mission Dillon too much (of course they won't forget Dillon either).

That's pretty much all that is happening... so until next time... hopefully it will be sooner than 6 months haha.

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