Monday, February 24, 2014

36 weeks (Well.... almost!)

Today we got to see our little boy via ultrasound!

His little blurry profile! We can't see his chin because he has his arm across it!

His little heart and heart beat (156 bpm, perfect!)

An under view of his nose and his little lips and tongue!

Another blurry profile... this little guy loves to move!

He has tiny little hairs on the back of his head! 

On the left there are my boy's little "gibblets"!

He is 5 pounds and 11 ounces right now! The Doctor said that he shouldn't be more than 8 pounds which is a great relief to me because I won't be giving birth to a giant baby! Right now he is exactly in the 50th percentile for weight. I am so glad that he is healthy and normal size, it makes me feel like all of the dieting I have had to do is worth something! 


Oh and I also won a free quart of custard from a place here in town which is AWESOME! 

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  1. Great job at working with the diabetes! I'm glad for you that he is healthy and not growing too fast for you.