Sunday, March 30, 2014

Jonas Randall Brinkerhoff

Born March 26, 2014 at 10:17 pm. He weighed 7lbs 10oz and was 21" long! 

I can't believe he is finally here!!!! He is more adorable than I could have ever imagined! I went in to the hospital at 8:30 am on Wednesday and they took me to a room and got me all ready for the induction. My Dr. (who is super nice and knowledgeable) broke my water at 9 am... PS amniotic fluid feels gross. They started Pitocin soon after, they said my contractions would be really fast and intense after they started it, but that was not the case for me and I felt fine for a few hours. Then some serious pain was happening and I was pretty much crying, I was checked to see how dilated I was and I was only 3cm which was only 1 more than what I came in with. So I got some iv drugs which helped for like 20 minutes and about an hour later I got the epidural. I am glad I got it because awhile later I was able to sleep and save up energy for the hard stuff... like squeezing my dear sons melon head out of me. Also the anesthetist was very experienced and explained everything as he went along so the process of putting in the epidural was relatively painless. After the epidural they increased the pitocin and I dilated fairly quickly. By 7pm I was pushing and around 9:30 the Dr. recommended we use the vaccum to get our little guy out because he had decided to stall right before the area he should have been for me to just push without assistance. So yeah. Vaccum not fun. It took 4 contactions with the vaccum and 1 without to get our little boy into the world. It took less than an hour but it felt like forever and I totally thought I was dying. Poor Jordan told me after that he was super scared because of how much pain I was in and he thought baby was going to get stuck and we would have to do a C-section. That was my biggest fear too. Especially since it took more pushes than the Dr. thought to get him out and the suckers on the vaccum kept popping off.

I was so relieved when the baby's head finally made it out and was only bothered by how weird it felt when the rest of his body came out. The nurses were gonna do skin to skin right away but he wasn't crying right away so they had to clean him and suck yucky stuff out of his face so he could take his first breath of air. Then they gave him back for feeding. He was a champ at latching, it only took him a few tries! I am INCREDIBLY blessed. One of my biggest worries was that I wouldn't be able to breastfeed him. Oh, I didn't know until after the delivery that the Dr. asked Jordan to cut the cord, I guess I was preoccupied with the baby all gooey and stuff on my chest... I was surprised cause he said he didn't want to... guess the adrenaline of the moment made him change his mind. I am glad he got to do it. Everything calmed down after that, I got stitched up because I tore, it was a 2nd degree tear which I have heard is pretty common. I continued to breastfeed, and I got a sammich. A bit later my parents came in. The nurse began to clean off Jonas and the picture taking began, the three photographers being my parents and Jordan. Then I got "showered" and we all migrated to my recovery room. 


The next day I found that I could not walk to the bathroom or move my lower body very well and I had a lot of pain. It wasn't caused by from the tear I had gotten, but it was caused by pain from my pubic bone. I literally got stuck on the walk to the bathroom and had to be wheeled back to my bed and lifted on there. I was afraid that I was going to be paralyzed. The nurse checked out my reflexes and the ability to move my feet, which I could do so I wasn't paralyzed. The nurse was stumped so she called my Dr. and he luckily knew what it was. It was Symphysis Pubis dysfunction which usually happens before childbirth, but my body is a weirdo and decided to get it after I had Jonas. Basically the relaxin hormone is keeping my pubis symphysis loose.. or something like that. They gave me a walker to use around the house and it should go away as my pregancy hormone goes away. I have already noticed an improvement from when I left the hospital to now (2 days later). It still hurts and it is really frustrating that I can't carry Jonas and walk at the same time, or change him easily or the fact that I need help getting in and out of bed. I hope it goes away soon. 

We left the hospital on Friday in the afternoon, and of course Jonas had to feed right before we were ready to leave. So we ended up leaving 2 hours after we had planned. 

Here is a pic of "Papi and Lita" with Jonas, They are so happy! Love them!

Jonas is a fairly calm baby and only fusses when he is hungry. If he doesn't get fed right away he will WAIL and SCREECH like there is no tomorrow. There is no comforting him with anything except food (Takes after his Mummy that is for sure). He is becoming increasingly jaundiced since he hasn't pooped since we came home. So that's not really fun. He loves being cuddled and swaddled. He makes these really fun faces too, which I adore! He does not like having his diaper changed nor does he like being sponge bathed.

I can't wait to put up more about this little guy, he is a real character and we love him so much! 

Until then enjoy some fun pictures! 

 The uncle shirt is from my brother, this is his first nephew so he is way way WAY excited to meet Jonas, sadly it won't be for 2 years which is when he returns from his mission! I will have to make sure Jonas knows who he is!!!


  1. He is so adorable. Just remember through the frustrating moments of having a newborn, that it will always get better. And enjoy the wonderful moments, of which there are many!!

  2. There is nothing like a precious new baby! I'm so glad that birth experience is over for you and hopefully your body is feeling better.